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Scan Active Directory for Weak Passwords

Identifying all user accounts who have weak passwords not as per Password policy.

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Bypass Facebook Name Validation For Pages and The ...

According to Facebook, Any page should follow page guidelines policy, Facebook will take down any [ ... ]

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Facebook Group Unavailable Accounts Removal

Remove Unavailable Accounts From Your Facebook Groupt! 

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Facebook Disabled Account Recover - Chrome Extension

Weeks ago there was was a bug in one of Facebook forms which leads to recover any disabled accoun [ ... ]

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Login With Facebook To khalil-shreateh.com

This free extesnion helps you to use all free applications that require access to your Facebook a [ ... ]

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Facebook User Memory PRANK!

        How to use  Full Youtube TuTorial [ ... ]

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Latest Vulnerabilities

MAPLE Computer WBT SNMP Administrator Buffer Overflow

# Exploit Title: MAPLE Computer WBT SNMP Administrator - Remote Buffer Overflow (EggHunte [ ... ]

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Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler Local Privilege Escalation

Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler local EoP Report by Social Engineering Neo.

Affected Platforms: -
Mic [ ... ]

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Web Ofisi E-Ticaret 3 SQL Injection

# Exploit Title: Web Ofisi E-Ticaret 3 - 'a' SQL Injection
# Date: 2019-07-19
# Exploit Author [ ... ]

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fuelCMS 1.4.1 Remote Code Execution

# Exploit Title: fuelCMS 1.4.1 - Remote Code Execution
# Date: 2019-07-19
# Exploit Author: 0xd0ff9
# V [ ... ]

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