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Private Vulnerabilities

Bypass Facebook Name Validation For Pages and The ...

According to Facebook, Any page should follow page guidelines policy, Facebook will take down any [ ... ]

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Spam/Scamming Domains by Proxy Company and the Sec...

In this article iam explaining the security risk behind Private Registration via domain by proxy  [ ... ]

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Latest Free Facebook Scripts

Facebook Group Wall Cleaner - Chrome Extension

Here is another free Facebook extension i developed to delete groups posts

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Facebook Disabled Accounts Removal - Chrome Extension

Despite Facebook Inactive Friends Removal which removes friends who deactivated their accoun [ ... ]

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Groups Admins Handy Extension - Delete & Banned Users

This extension helps you to easily delete posts with option to ban the member who own the post&nb [ ... ]

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Facebook Timeline Cleaner - Chrome Extension

Warning: This extension will delete your account posts

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Latest Vulnerabilities

Linux x86 Netcat Reverse Shell Shellcode

;author: Filippo "zinzloun" Bersani
;date: 05/12/2016
;version: 1.0
;X86 Asse [ ... ]

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Edge SkateShop Authentication Bypass

# Exploit Title: Edge SkateShop Authentication Bypass
# Date: 6/12/2016
# Exploit Author: Delilah
# Ven [ ... ]

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Microsoft Windows 10 x86 x64 WLAN AutoConfig Named Pipe Proof Of Concept

# wlanautoconfig-poc.py
# Windows WLAN AutoConfig Named Pipe POC
# Jeremy Brown  [ ... ]

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 jscript9 JavaScriptStackWalker Memory Corruption

Since November I have been releasing details on all vulnerabilities I
found in web-browsers that I ha [ ... ]

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