Facebook has started using a different URL scheme for site links to combat URL stripping techniques used by browsers like Firefox or Brave to improve privacy and prevent user tracking.

facebook has started to encrypt links to counter privacy url stripping


It seems that the main reason behind changing Facebook links is to limit theData Scraping tools within the platform, but the parameters can also be used to track the user across different sites.

What is meant by parameters?

Parameters are variables that have a different value added to the link, usually the user is tracked by the value of these variables, for example

In the following link we note the parameter lies in the presence of the variable flite, which has the value scwspnss, through these parameters the site can track users and collect some privacy about them.

As a simple example of privacy here: If you send the following link shreateh.net/?kh=avva

To a friend of yours on Facebook Messenger, and in turn your friend copied the link and sent it to another friend of his on WhatsApp, for example, the system, represented here on my site, can know that your friend is a mutual friend between you and the visitor from WhatsApp, as long as the system has classified the visitors According to the teacher in the link.

This is just one of many examples where link parameters can be used to track users and their privacy, so some browsers work on advantages including stripping the link of these parameters to preserve user privacy.

Mozilla introduced URL stripping support in Firefox 102, which launched in June 2022. Firefox removes tracking parameters from web addresses automatically, but only in private browsing mode or when the browser's tracking protection feature is set to strict. Firefox users can enable URL stripping in all Firefox modes, but this requires manual modification through the settings. Brave Browser also removes known tracking parameters from web addresses.

But through Facebook encrypting the links instead of adding parameters, it became difficult to remove the parameters from the links, because Facebook is now integrating the parameters with the links in a new encryption system.

Previously (it is still working for some users) Facebook used the fbclid parameter for tracking purposes. For example, when you copy a link posted on Facebook, the output will be like this

Note the fbclid parameter in the link which the user is tracked by its value.

But now, when you copy a post link, the result is like this


We note here that Facebook has encrypted the parameter with the title of the post, so that it is difficult to remove the parameter for user tracking purposes. But a Facebook spokesperson said the reason for encrypting the link in this way was to protect against data-collecting tools. But if the words of the speaker are true! Where did the teacher go here? Leave your answer in the comments

In other words: Facebook has the upper hand with regards to URL-based tracking, and there's not much that can be done about it other than finding a way to decrypt the information.

Note: Facebook has different ways to track a user out and into the platform.

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