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Change Facebook Page Name Over 200 Likes :: Legal Way

How To Change Your Facebook Fan Page Over 200 Likes .?!

Follow these steps :


FaceBook Hacks & Tutorials

Facebook scripts , hacks and vulnerabilities , Facebook tutorials

Facebook Mobile Verification Trick/Bypass

This tutorial will show you how to bypass facebook mobile verification , which mean you can create a verified facebook accounts .

Khalil  005This trick works in all websites that need mobile verification under one condition , that the website should offer a phone call beside sending sms .

Facebook tips and tricks - empty post , invite all your friend to like a facebook page single click

For empty post use :

FaceBook Tutorials

Facebook tutorials, Tips and tricks 

how to use two different profile picture in facebook

A small trick to use different profile pictures in your facebook account , follow these steps to make your account looks like the picture to the right . Khalil  001

jQuery plugin for Uppercase, lowercase, title case and pascal case

The beauty of this plugin is that this plugin can be used to convert text to uppercase, lowercase, title case and pascal case. 

TRICK:: Create Facebook Page Without A Name April/2014

How To Create Facebook Page Without Name .



Verify Again Your Facebook Account

This method should works if your account was already verified by your ID, and Facebook close it back again asking you to change your name or to verify your account back again . Else, please find your suitable form and submit it : Facebook Accounts Support Forms


Latest Vulnerabilities and Exploits . 


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websites Development, scripts , hacks , patches .

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