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10 Steps to Protecting Your Computer to the World of Internet

Internet is not anymore a thing, it is a place where you do all daily tasks with its multi  web based Tools, which is more efficiently in many Aspects , productive-wise  and Creativity , in addition to  the Social Media Activities to publish and share your ideas .we do not stop at this point ,however ,we go further and became our one-stop shop Market.

Adult Webmaster PHP Password Disclosure

Exploit:Adult Webmaster PHP - Password Disclosure
Author: vinicius777

An introduction to JavaScript-based DDoS

One of the oldest and most pervasive attacks launched against websites is the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. In a typical DDoS attack, an attacker causes a large number of computers to send data to a server, overwhelming its capacity and preventing legitimate users from accessing it.

AnonGhost Bypass Shell V2 2014

Shell Features

Arabic PDF File About Malware - ملف بالعربية عن البرامج الخبيثة

Arabic PDF File About Malware - ملف بالعربية عن البرامج الخبيثة

Arabic PDF File About Safty Social Networks - ملف بالعربية عن السلامة الأمنية في استخدام المواقع الأجتماعية

Arabic PDF File About Safty Social Networks - ملف بالعربية عن السلامة الأمنية في استخدام المواقع الأجتماعية

Social Networking

Asus router vulnerabilities go unfixed despite reports

You may not think of your Wi-Fi router as a wide-open barn door between your computer and the Internet, but for many Asus router owners, it is.

Asus RT N66UDarkKnightDouble450MbpsNRouter 610x426

Be Aware of The New Facebook PC Virus

Facebook new PC virus start spreading viral between facebook users

change your Facebook name after exceed its limit using name translator

Fb Name Change

Chrome Webstore 0DAY Exploit

Google Chrome Paid Extensions Vulnerability

ClipBucket Multiple Vulnerabilities


Name :  Several Vulnerabilities in ClipBucket 
Software :  ClipBucket 2.6 and possibly below and above. 
Vendor Homepage :  http://clip-bucket.com 
Severity :  Critical 
Researcher :  khalil shreateh
Reported Date : 
2014-09-15 05:34:58


documentations and papers



Download Weakerth4n Blue Ghost

Facebook Mobile Verification Trick/Bypass

This tutorial will show you how to bypass facebook mobile verification , which mean you can create a verified facebook accounts .

Khalil  005This trick works in all websites that need mobile verification under one condition , that the website should offer a phone call beside sending sms .

Facebook tips and tricks - empty post , invite all your friend to like a facebook page single click

For empty post use :

FACEBOOK VULNERABILITY AUGUST / 2014 - Pages Admins Disclosure


Vulnerability Type

Privacy / Info


Vulnerability Type
Privacy / Authentication

How Caller ID Applications Disclose Private Details !

What is Caller ID Applications ? 

Caller ID Applications developed to be used for several purposes, spam protection, call block, Identify the caller or search for a phone number belongs to who !

Caller ID Application became  one of most used APPS on smart phone, Those APPs work by sharing your contact with others .

Introducing the Security Panel in DevTools

The web platform is becoming increasingly powerful thanks to new APIs such asservice worker. Security risk is always a concern, which is why many of these new featuresrequire secure origins. HTTPS preserves the integrity of your website and ensures connections with your users are encrypted. In an effort to make deploying HTTPS easier, Chrome 48 beta includes a new security panel inDevToolswhichwillberollingout more broadly overthenextfewdays.

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