In this article I leave you with a selection of useful websites to increase your anonymity and security on the network.


Anonymity and security sites

To convert the short link to the original link. Useful to study if the link is a scam or phishing.

- To verify anonymity while browsing the web. It gives you real results for your online identity. And if you use anonymity programs, you can re-scan through the site.

- Check the security of the browser you are using (security errors, malicious add-ons, etc.)

- Quick online security scan of your desktop against phishing, software vulnerabilities and sensitive data leaks

- Scan your device's IDS IPS and endpoint firewall

- Check files if they contain viruses (do not rely on this site entirely. There are viruses that can bypass this scanning process)

Useful service sites for anonymity

- Use temporary mail to receive messages. (Do not receive sensitive data)

- One of the best sites to receive text messages on a mobile number (do not receive sensitive data)

- Generator of fake correspondence, conversations, characters, media, etc.

- Photoshop online (no worse than the desktop version)

If you need to create a beautiful and simple website, but are too lazy to write code, this website builds apps with little to no programming experience.

- Analyze Google search queries and find out what is currently circulating in a particular region or country

Install the tracker for any Google search query. For example, you can create a search query called "Khalil Shreiteh" and if an article appears on a site containing the text "Khalil Shreiteh", an email will be sent as an alert to you.

Create a free logo.

- Replacing the face in the photo with another

An app from Google to help people understand how neural networks work.

Talk to the neural network using what is in the books.

- Removes background from photo.

Artificial intelligence from Google that recognizes your drawing.

Artificial intelligence produces pictures of people who don't really exist. Images can be used in social networking sites without copyright.



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