How to use telegram with the maximum privacy and security options

telegram security and privacy tutorial

  1. Enable Two-Step Verification: Go to Telegram settings, select "Privacy and Security," then enable "Two-Step Verification." Set a strong password to protect your account from unauthorized access.

  2. Secret Chats: Use Telegram's "Secret Chats" feature for end-to-end encryption. In a secret chat, only the devices involved in the conversation can decrypt the messages. Open a new chat, tap the contact's name, and select "Start Secret Chat."

  3. Self-Destructing Messages: In secret chats, you can enable self-destructing messages. This ensures that the messages are automatically deleted after a set period of time. Tap the clock icon in the chat, choose the desired self-destruct timer, and send the message.

  4. Disable Message Previews: Prevent message content from appearing in your device's notifications by disabling message previews. In Telegram settings, select "Notifications and Sounds," then disable "Message Previews."

  5. Lock Telegram with a Passcode or Biometrics: Enable app lock to protect your Telegram account. In settings, go to "Privacy and Security," select "Passcode Lock" or "App Lock," and set a passcode or enable biometric authentication.

  6. Control Who Can See Your Profile Picture: Adjust your privacy settings to control who can view your profile picture. Go to settings, select "Privacy and Security," then choose "Profile Photo." You can restrict access to everyone, your contacts, or specific individuals.

  7. Manage Last Seen and Online Status: Customize who can see your last seen timestamp and online status. In settings, go to "Privacy and Security," select "Last Seen & Online," and choose from the available options.

  8. Limit Who Can Add You to Groups: Adjust your privacy settings to control who can add you to groups. In settings, go to "Privacy and Security," select "Groups," then choose from the available options.

  9. Beware of Unknown Contacts: Be cautious when interacting with unknown contacts or opening messages, links, or files from unfamiliar sources. Exercise discretion to avoid potential security risks.

  10. Keep Your Device Secure: Ensure your device's operating system and Telegram app are up to date to benefit from the latest security patches and features. Additionally, use a strong device passcode or biometric authentication to protect access to your device.

Remember, while Telegram provides various privacy and security features, the overall security of your communications also depends on the devices and networks you use. Taking additional precautions, such as avoiding public Wi-Fi networks and using strong, unique passwords, will further enhance your privacy and security.