Learn how attacker [hackers/Spammers] will fake links to let you open them .




Explain ?

Lets say that faking links is like eating salt thinking it is suger,
for example you might see a link which is :


but when you click that linking , thinking that you will visit my website,
you will be surprised when you opened http://facebook.com/khalil.shr . 

In this case a lot of users will not open strange links, but they will 
open links such as http://www.google.com

Why the attacker would fake a link ?

An attacker may fake a link for you , to let you trust and open that link.
And that for : 

- Stealing your credentials .
- Spaming for benefits , such as increasing facebook page likes/fans..etc

- Collecting private informations .

- Making Money .


Lets see together three fake links on facebook 

Faking Tags : 

As you see in the above picture a post i made on facebook that saying
" good morning from palestine " . 

If you clicked that post you will be redirect to my facebook account

Post Link : https://www.facebook.com/10152228945953885

An attacker may use this trick to increase a profile followers . 

Faking any link inside facebook

This Video Explains The Trick :

Faking Facebook Payment For Facebook Pages : 

Here an attacker may fake facebook payment to make or steal money,
we know that every one looks for changing his facebook page name ,
so in this link you will see a message asking you to pay some money
in order to let you change your facebook page name .

Note that facebook will never ask you to transfer money , they have a self build online payment . 

To test the trick , change the red number [582109601810429] which is
my page id on facebook , to your facebook page id . 

https://m.facebook.com/pages/edit/info/582109601810429?updateMessage=In%20order%20to%20update%20Info%20of%20your%20page,%20according%20to%20new%20policies.%20%20You%20have%20to%20deposit%2050$%20USD%20in%20Paypal%27s%This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Visit the link after you change 582109601810429 

For more explanations , just leave a comment down.