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Code :: Invite all of Your Friends To Like Your Page at Once 2014


CODE PATCED. FREE EXTENSION Facebook Invite All Friends To Like Your Page - Chrome Extension

Video Tutorial at The End Of This Article


Follow these steps :


To invite friends to like your Page, make sure you're using Facebook as yourself and not as the Page.

From your Page's admin panel:

  1. Click Build Audience 
  2. Select Invite Friends from the dropdown menu

In the dropdown next to the search box, make sure Search All Friends is selected!

Scroll ALL the way down until names stop loading 

Khalil  002

Right Click anywhere in the page and choose " Inspect Elemet " 

Khalil  003

A new window will pop up , click " Console " . 

Khalil  004

Now copy all this code : 





Paste the code beside the small blue arrow , to paste the code click with your mouse button .
and then from your keyboard click CTRL + V 
Khalil  005
Khalil  006
After pasting the code , hit " Enter " button from your keyboard . 
A successful message will tell you how many friends you invited
Khalil  007
Incase this window appears click " Wait " , when done close your " inspect element " window 
Khalil  008

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