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[Tutorial] Groups Members Tagger



Groups Members Tagger [Demo]

Add REPLY button to facebook comments - Developer Way


Professional way :: How to add "REPLY " button for comments in your  facebook account This tutorial will help you to understand and learn developing  beside adding "reply" button .

Arabic File - Facebook Account Security - كيف احمي حسابي على الفيسبوك


كيف احمي حسابي على الفيسبوك من الاختراق؟

ما هي الاساليب و الخطوات التي يجب ان اتبعها لاتجنب الروابط الخبيثة؟

كيف احمي نفسي من  الهندسة الاجتماعية؟


اجابة الاسئلة السابقة وغيرها الكثير في هذا الملف .

انقر هنا للتصفح 

Be Aware of The New Facebook PC Virus

Facebook new PC virus start spreading viral between facebook users

Bypass Facebook Block System

Today i was able to bypass facebook messages block system . 

Bypass Facebook Name Validation For Pages and The Security Risk Behind

According to Facebook, Any page should follow page guidelines policy, Facebook will take down any page if its admin does not follow the guideline policy.

الفيديو بالاسفل باللغتين العربية و الانجليزية

Bypass Malware Checkpoint for Facebook

Your account might be blocked and FACEBOOK will ask you to download Trend Micro or other virus scanner to scan your computer, sometimes your account might stuck in this point and you can not log in . 

Change Facebook Page Name Over 200 Likes :: Legal Way

How To Change Your Facebook Fan Page Over 200 Likes .?!

Khalil  001

Follow these steps :


Crashing Your Friend TimeLine on FaceBook

How to crash your friend timeline .Crash


Custom liquid text art , make your name liquid on facebook and other websites


Disable getting friend requests on facebook

{multithumb} FriendRequest

Prevent Facebook Users From Sending You Friend Requests   

In This Tutorial You Will Learn How To Add "no one" Value To Your Privacy Settings

Disabled Facebook Account - Facebook 2016 Error Policy

Many Facebook accounts where disabled since Jan-2016, Facebook says account has been disabled because of violated Facebook's Terms.

Edit Your Like's Privacy

Hide What You Likes On Facebook

Facebook Bot Comment For Pages

As you know my facebook scripts run via chrome extensions. but this script is different, you don't need to install or download any extension or executable files .

Facebook Disabled Accounts Removal - Chrome Extension

Despite Facebook Inactive Friends Removal which removes friends who deactivated their accounts from your friend list, here is a new smart extension which helps you removing all accounts that facebook disabled from your friend list .

Facebook Exploit Jan/2015 [non-removable Tag]

Seriously khalil !! 

That was my friend reply soon as i exploited the facebook tag function over her account . 

Facebook Exploit Jan/2015 [Page Admin disclosure]

Vulnerability Name: Page admin disclosure vulnerability

Facebook Exploit March/2015 [CAPTCHA Bypass]

Ok, this is another vulnerability i reported in 2014 and fixed in 2015, so iam saying its 2015 vulnerability . 

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