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Despite Facebook Inactive Friends Removal which removes friends who deactivated their accounts from your friend list, here is a new smart extension which helps you removing all accounts that facebook disabled from your friend list .




Why Facebook may disable your account ?!
Facebook accounts that don't follow the Facebook Terms will be disable. Some violations include:
- Continued prohibited behavior after receiving a warning or multiple warnings from Facebook
- Unsolicited contact with others for the purpose of harassment, advertising, promoting, dating or other inappropriate conduct
- Use of a fake name
- Impersonation of a person or entity, or other misrepresentation of identity
- Posting content that doesn't follow the Facebook Terms
Think your account was disabled by mistake you can submit an appeal.
So those disabled accounts will remain in your friend list, you cant search them or find any content related to any disabled account.
Because of this facebook issue i developed this handy extension which helps you to remove all disabled accounts from your friend list . 
- Check "Terms of use" checkbox to accept the terms of use. (Contact me for a clean copy out of Terms of use)
- Click Remove Disabled Accounts to start . 
English tutorialhttps://youtu.be/2v7t5jB4DsQ
فيديو تعليمي بالعربية : https://youtu.be/2v7t5jB4DsQ

Installation: طريقة التحميل

First - أولا

Contact me if you want a private copy free of terms of use


For suggestions or reporting a bug in any extensions, open this page ( click her). then scroll down and leave it in comments



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