Warning: This extension will delete your account posts


How to use 

Full Youtube TuTorial : https://youtu.be/Z066XZMQoVk

Web News : https://www.networkworld.com/article/3017794/how-to-delete-all-facebook-posts-photos.html  

1- Refresh Facebook tab and run the extension from your browser bar.

2- If there is posts you dont want to delete such as your profile picture, cover photo, events ..etc, collect posts IDs separated by comma, then paste them in "Exclude Posts" field. 

2- Type from what year to what year you want the extenion to delete your posts between, default years will delete all your account posts. Example if you want to delete your 2010 and 2011 years posts, type 2010 in "from" field and 2011 in "to" field.

3- Uncheck the box if you want to delete your posts and activities, activities such as like, comment and share posts



Note:  This extension will not remvove/untag account photos, read : Facebook Pictures Tags Removal




- Your browser may lag, depends on how much posts your account has,  just wait till it finishes, Click "Wait" if Browser says "Page not responsive".

- When it finishes wait a while before closing your browser or changing to another page .

- This extension will delete photos, posts, activites, posts shared by applications, posts shared to your friends walls .. etc

- Please try with Test Facebook account first, as facebook updated the system periodically there might be new restrictions on using extensions on your account, at this moment this extension works sharp and great. 

- If there is any problem, kindly report it to me . 


Installation: طريقة التحميل
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Second - ثانيا

English Tutorial:

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