Warning! Deletion is permanent!

With this FREE application you can delete all your page posts with one single click . 

Facebook Pages Timeline Cleaner

Notes & Benefits

- Your Facebook access token will only be stored in your browser session . 

- The app will delete the first posts (newest posts to the oldest ones), if your action was to delete 10 posts then tha app will delete your page latest 10 posts . 

- If the app stopped working, use it next day, in case of an error kindly report to it me .

- This app will not delete your page activities. 

- Use this application if your page was unpublished before making an appeal. 

- You should have admin role in the page. 

Full Youtube Tutorials:

English tutorial:https://youtu.be/fIyD_UDSht0

فيديو تعليمي بالعربية : https://youtu.be/i2ptUzCRXyE

--------- Tutorial by creating APP --------------
How to create a Facebook Application:  https://youtu.be/BbF26CZe7Lc
Delete your page posts : https://youtu.be/glGiUOS0-VM



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