• Facebook Disabled Accounts Removal

    Despite Facebook Inactive Friends Removal which removes friends who deactivated their accounts from your friend list, here is a new smart extension which helps you removing all accounts that facebook disabled from your friend list .

  • Facebook Friends Requests Accept/Reject All At Once

    Facebook Friends Requests Accept/Reject , Accept/Reject Your Pending Friends Requests All At Once

  • Facebook Group Members Reminder

     Send Reminder For Group Members in once single click... 

    Facebook Group Members Reminder https://twitter.com/khalil_shreateh

  • Facebook Group Unavailable Accounts Removal

    Remove Unavailable Accounts From Your Facebook Groupt! 

  • Facebook Groups Leaver - Leave Facebook Groups All at once

    Leave Facebook Groups All at Once, Chrome Extension . 


  • Facebook Groups Terminator

    This FREE chrome extension will help you to delete any group you own!

  • Facebook Invite All Friends To Like Your Page

    Facebook Invite Friends To Like Your Fan Page All At Once 

  • Facebook Messages Removal All at Once

    Delete your facebook account's messages all at once.

  • Facebook Pages Commented Fans Message Sender


    Send message to all Facebook users (fans and non-fans) who left comments on any post of your page. 

  • Facebook Pending Tags Removal


    Facebook Pending Tags Removal, Remove Facebook Tags All At Once

  • Facebook Scripts

    To remove terms of use for any extension contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Facebook Timeline Cleaner - Delete your account posts and photos

    Warning: This extension will delete your account posts

  • Facebook User Memory PRANK!




    How to use 

    Full Youtube TuTorial : https://youtu.be/qQCct_GInds


    1- After installing refresh Facebook tab and run the extension from your browser bar.

    2- Type custom message for your shared prank post

    2- Type the target post ID. Post should be older than one year

    3- Chose post type between static text, uploaded image or uploaded video. 

    4- Agree with terms of use before clicking on "Post"



    - If the extension stopped working means Facebook patched this bug. Report to me to take it out. 


    Installation: طريقة التحميل
    First - أولا

    Second - ثانيا

    English Tutorial:

    فيديو عربي يشرح تحميل الاضافة واستخدامها :
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  • Facebook Video Uploader to Multiple Facebook pages

    This extension can be used on all devices. please report any error in order to fix it.