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Facebook Bot Comment For Pages

As you know my facebook scripts run via chrome extensions. but this script is different, you don't need to install or download any extension or executable files .

Facebook Disabled Accounts Removal - Chrome Extension

Despite Facebook Inactive Friends Removal which removes friends who deactivated their accounts from your friend list, here is a new smart extension which helps you removing all accounts that facebook disabled from your friend list .

Facebook Fake Admin Notifications - Chrome Extension

This extension is one of smart extensions i made . It will help you increasing your page's posts reaches . 

Facebook Friends Removal - Chrome Extension


Empty your facebook account's friends list 

Facebook Friends Requests Accept/Reject All At Once - Chrome Extension

Facebook Friends Requests Accept/Reject , Accept/Reject Your Pending Friends Requests All At Once


Facebook Friends To Group Adder - Chrome Extension



Add Your Facebook Friends To Your Group All At Once

Facebook Groups Leaver - Leave Facebook Groups All at once - Chrome Extension

Leave Facebook Groups All at Once, Chrome Extension . 


Facebook Groups Terminator - Chrome Extension

This FREE chrome extension will help you to delete any group you own!

Facebook Groups/Pages Banned Users Removal - chrome extension

Remove Banned Users From Your Page/Group All At Once 

FaceBook Hacks & Tutorials

Facebook scripts , hacks and vulnerabilities , Facebook tutorials

Facebook ID's Scraper - Custom AD's Audiences

Collect Facebook Users IDs To Target Your Ad To Them

Facebook Inactive Friends Removal - Chrome Extension


Remove Deactivated Friends Accounts from Your Facebook Friend Lists

Facebook Invite All Friends To Like Your Page - Chrome Extension

Facebook Invite Friends To Like Your Fan Page All At Once - Chrome Extension

Facebook Mass Tagger - BETA V2

Facebook Mass Tagger (BETA) 

Facebook Messages Removal All at Once - Chrome Extension

Delete your facebook account's messages all at once.

Facebook Mini Tagger Free License - Chrome Extension

This Free Facebook extension allows you to tag your Facebook friends on any link.


Facebook Mobile Verification Trick/Bypass

This tutorial will show you how to bypass facebook mobile verification , which mean you can create a verified facebook accounts .

Khalil  005This trick works in all websites that need mobile verification under one condition , that the website should offer a phone call beside sending sms .

Facebook Multiple Accounts Manager - Chrome Extension



Manage multiple Facebook accounts (Import, Edit, Delete, Export), One click to login

Facebook Pages Name Changer/Fans Removal

Facebook Official Pages Name Chaner. Paid Extension

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