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How Caller ID Applications Disclose Private Details !

What is Caller ID Applications ? 

Caller ID Applications developed to be used for several purposes, spam protection, call block, Identify the caller or search for a phone number belongs to who !

Caller ID Application became  one of most used APPS on smart phone, Those APPs work by sharing your contact with others .

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How do caller ID applications disclose user private details ?! 

Lets take website and see how it works and how it could disclose our private information . works by sharing your contacts to other truecaller users, you will upload your contacts with their names, phone numbers and even their contact picture to internet, Also when you create new account you will upload or edit your detials on . 


Ok khalil ! i know that, how this could disclose my information !?


To understand how those APPS could disclose your information lets take a small tutorial . 

Here i will test on one of my friends and see what private information we can get !! 

First i will go a head to and search for my friend mobile number, the result shown in this picture : 

As you see in the above picture i got my friend name and his picutre. but this is not the only information about him that i can get .

what else hmmm ! 

let see how his picture is being preview in the website. take a look at this picture 

Code : 
<img width="128px" height="128px" src=";height=640">

Yes, it is his facebook profile picture, and the SRC value is the path where we can get any facebook user profile picture ...

Obviously, the number "1013197900" is my friend's Facebook ID, so i get his Facebook account by his mobile number :) . 

Beside that i can use this mobile number to initiate a recovery method against his Facebook account . (some users disabled recover by their FB usernames) 


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