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How Caller ID Applications Disclose Private Details !

What is Caller ID Applications ? 

Caller ID Applications developed to be used for several purposes, spam protection, call block, Identify the caller or search for a phone number belongs to who !

Caller ID Application became  one of most used APPS on smart phone, Those APPs work by sharing your contact with others .

Jamit Job Board URL Redirection Vulnerability

Jamit Job Board URL Redirection, thousands of global websites are infected , click the picture to the right . 

Google Dork: [not mention for security purpose]
Exploit Date: [27/11/2013]
Exploit Author: [khalil shreateh]
Vendor Homepage: [http://www.jamit.com/]
Software Link: [http://www.jamit.com/download.html]

Joomla! JomSocial component - Remote code execution

Joomla! JomSocial component < - Remote code execution


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Slider Revolution/Showbiz Pro Shell Upload

Slider Revolution versions 3.0.95 and below and Showbiz Pro versions 1.7.1 and below suffer from a remote shell upload vulnerability.

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