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Be Aware of The New Facebook PC Virus

Facebook new PC virus start spreading viral between facebook users

The virus developed to be viral between facebook users. and it start spreading last day under the hashtag ‪#‎icebacye‬

How the virus works ?

A facebook victim user will see his friend's post about an interesting video, same as the above picture and this one : 

Shreateh 003
Note that there might be other pictures than those ones here. 

When the victim click to watch the video, it will ask him that flash player is not installed on his PC , 

Shreateh 002

If the victim clicks on "Download Flash Player" he will be forwarded to a direct download link contains 

"Adobe Flash Player install x32-x64.exe" file, which is the virus itself. 

Shreateh 005

If the victim runs the file, he will be infected and the virus will create new public post on his timeline, his friends/followers might be the new victims


Also It might post to your timeline if you logged in to your facebook account from an infected PC .

what should i do when i see this post on my newsfeed?

Before you notify your friend, you should report it as a spam post.
Right click on the post option, choose "Report this Post" , choose "It's spam" then choose "Just a spammy post", then choose to message your friend and tell him to remove the post .

Shreateh 004


Like and Share this article between your friends, help them being in safe .




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