Facebook Invite Friends To Like Your Fan Page All At Once 


Suggested Extension:  

Facebook Invite Users Who Reacted to Posts to Like Your Page


This extension comes in two license: 

FREE LICENSE  Can not send Invitation Message via messanger

PREMIUM LICENSE   Option to send Invitation Message via messanger

However, Premium License could be user as message sender (Unlimited Messages, No Block)

To order premium license contact me via my official Facebook Page Messages.


How To Use 

- Paste Your Page URL, Example : https://www.facebook.com/shreateh.ethical/
- Type Invitation Message
- Click Send Invites


You will get notification soon as your friend liked the target page. 







Installation: طريقة التحميل
First - أولا

Second - ثانيا

English Tutorial:

فيديو عربي يشرح تحميل الاضافة واستخدامها :
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