Add Your Facebook Friends To Your Group All At Once



Use this extension on your own risk, i am not responsible if you got banned



Features & Settings (Read carefully before installing) 


- After install the extension you need to refresh your Facebook page.

- The extension asks you to collect your friends first, just hit collect friends and wait. 

- Group Link : Copy and paste your group full URL, example :

- Total to add : How many friends you want to add at this time, this feature allows not being blocked by Facebook, Facebook usually blocked users if they added 500+ at short time.

- Offset : Start to ad from. This option is to shift your friends, and it depends on 'Total to add'.

- Check "Terms of use" checkbox to accept the terms of use. (Contact me for a clean copy out of Terms of use)


As an example: 


- You have 1000 friend, while Facebook might ban you for adding them all at once, you decide to add 400 friends each hour, so at the first time your options should be : 

Total to add = 400 , offset = 0 ; 

offset means to start adding from first friend till friend number 400. 

Next hour your options should be :

Total to add = 400 , offset = 400 ; 

offset here means to start adding from friend number 400 till friend number 800 (400+400=800), then the extension will finish working. 



English Tutorial

يوتيوب بالعربية


Installation: طريقة التحميل
First - أولا

Second - ثانيا

English Tutorial:

فيديو عربي يشرح تحميل الاضافة واستخدامها :
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