How To Change Your Facebook Fan Page Over 200 Likes .?!

Follow these steps : 



You need to use USA proxy.

Download HOLA proxy for google chrome browser

While you are on page, configure HOLA to use

USA proxy with facebook . 

Note that you can use any USA proxy you like . 

Open you facebook page , go to edit information to change your page name, 

Beside your page name a new link will appear Request Change
( because you are using USA proxy ).
Clicking that link will lead you to a form, fill the form with the suitable data you want,
type your new page name , submit the form . 

If you got an error page instead of the above picture :

make sure your HOLY proxy is on 

Change the page id in this link and navigate to it :خليل

Page id = 582109601810429

 Change it to your page id chich you want to change it's name . 


Add an address to your page . until you can see a  map 

Within 2-4 days a friend of me received this email   : 


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