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Please note: This version of Linux is geared towards NVIDIA based systems. It will still work out of the box without, but for best results (CUDA, Aircrack-NG-CUDA, Pyrit, Moscrack, VLC) test this live DVD on an NVIDIA-based system.





WT4 BLUE GHOST updates.

o   Kernel 3.7 dropped for no wireless-compat support (yet) and several wifi driver issues with kernel modules.

o   Kernel 3.7 recompiled with AUFS and compat-wireless

o   DKMS and NDISWRAPPER don’t play well together, NDISWRAPPER dropped.

o   LORCON and it’s dependent applications may be dropped, as most are old.re-added

o   Kernel 3.6 with compat-wireless and patched wifi drivers seems like most likely candidate.

o   Kernel 3.7 STABLE with compat-wireless and patched wifi drivers seems like most likely candidate.

o   NVIDIA Driver: 310.32 (please see compatibility list)

o   CUDA development kit available in Live DVD.

o   Kernel headers + image + sauce are all .deb files and will be hosted here.

o   Kernel: wt-blueghost-0.5 built from 3.7.X Stable

o   GPU: Nouveau drivers dropped in lieu of CUDA, support for NVIDIA Hybrid graphics netbooks in Kernel for switching.

o   New OS features I coded: ACPI support for laptops, more OSD information(s), new WNL package manager, faster startup time with manual services, fixed hostname bug,

o   Airstop-ng – to stop all services for specified device

o   New Tools added: Moscrack,

o   NDISWRAPPER recompiled and playing nicely, Added driver for BCM based N3100 NETGEAR (call for wifi drivers) modprobe

o   Edimax support dropped for ancient driver fail

o   New laptop ACPI features – system will now suspend when lid closed and wake when opened (tested on several machines)

GPSD decided to change my BU353 into SiRF mode and RO

o   Removed aptitudes 2.95gpsd and tried compiling gpsd

o   GPSCTL will not change the device to NMEA ? (Failing and reporting that it is 4800 Baud SiRF)

o   Horrible compilation documentation for gpsd 3.x – wtf is scons? (had to copy libs into /usr/lib/ precompilation.)

o   Used Windows – SiRFDemo application and chose “Initialize data Source” from the Action menu, then Synchronize Protocol and Baud Rate (which set the baud rate wrong, but I saw the Debug View window display data. Then I chose “Swicth to NMEA Mode” and chose 4800 Baud. – Which “unbricked” the device.

o   compiled 3.2 from here

o   tar vxzf gpsd-3.2.tar.gz

o   cd gpsd-3.2/

o   apt-get install chrpath python-gps scons

o   mkdir /usr/lib2/ && cp lib* /usr/lib2/


o   scons && scons install

o   Created custom icons for wbar dock (See new screenshots above)

o   Created shortcuts in the dock for WARCARRIER and On-Screen-Display of GPS

o   WARCARRER development slowly moving out of alpha

o   Tested kernel for live system on several hardware mixtures, all worked well, NVIDIA based and not NVIDIA based

03.13.2013 BETA 2

o   Added x-hunter(Google), x-hunter(Bing),ARP-OPT tools from Lucas, thank you Lucas!

o   Stopped inetd from telnet port SSH

o   Fixed dpkg database issue

o   Added a few more exploits for Android OS

03.14.2013 BETA 2

o   Added Raspberry Pi, PLC and more SCADA hardware hacking tools

o   Completely rebuilt the dpkg database from scratch (the stuff nightmares are made from)

o   Tested Fern-Wifi-cracker – removed from BETA

o   rebuilt the “vulnerable” server data

o   Dist-upgrade via DEBIAN

o   Added Hashcat GUI and tools into the menu


o   Listened to Built to Spill

o   Recompiled the kernel (Blue Ghost v1.5 – built from 3.8.X), kernel headers, sources – and made deb packages of each

o   Hacked and compiled FreeRADIUS Wireless Pwnage Edition – added!

o   Hostapd hacked and added!

o   Coded start up scripts for both and a new SoftAPs submenu to the FluxBox menu

o   Recompiled NVIDA drivers and patched compat-wireless

o   Resolved (most) of the dpkg DB issues

o   Added even more ACPI support

o   Mapped function keys for FluxBox and laptops!

o   changed console font and resolution


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Use any VM software .. i suggest you to use Oracle VM VirtualBox . 

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