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8 In 1 Tips For WordPress Security

Whitepaper called 8 in 1 Tips for WordPress Security - Their Issues and Their Solutions.


A Bug That Facebook Patched Without Paying Bounty

Several users emailed me saying that facebook patched a bug without paying them, my answer to them was that the bug might be already reported by other users, or it is not including in facebook bug bounty program . 

Adult Webmaster PHP Password Disclosure

Exploit:Adult Webmaster PHP - Password Disclosure
Author: vinicius777

AIS shellshock scanning tool that leverages the User-Agent header against a large list of possible targets. Written in C.

AIS shellshock scanning tool that leverages the User-Agent header against a large list of possible targets. Written in C.

Apache mod_cgi Remote Command Execution

Apache mod_cgi remote command execution exploit that leverages shellshock.

Arbitrary File Download, Upload Shell, Deface

This video shows how to hack wordpress website using Arbitrary File Download vulnerability

ASP-Nuke Open Redirect Vulnerability

ASP-Nuke 2.0.7 - 'gotourl.asp' Open Redirect Vulnerability

Asus router vulnerabilities go unfixed despite reports

You may not think of your Wi-Fi router as a wide-open barn door between your computer and the Internet, but for many Asus router owners, it is.

Asus RT N66UDarkKnightDouble450MbpsNRouter 610x426

Bypass Facebook Block System

Today i was able to bypass facebook messages block system . 

Chrome Webstore 0DAY Exploit

Google Chrome Paid Extensions Vulnerability

Ckeditor 4.4.7 Shell Upload / Cross Site Scripting

Ckeditor version 4.4.7.x suffers from cross site scripting and remote shell upload vulnerabilities

ClearSCADA Remote Authentication Bypass

There is an authentication bypass vulnerability in ClearSCADA that can be exploited by triggering an exception in dbserver.exe and taking advantage of the way the program handles it.

ClipBucket Multiple Vulnerabilities


Name :  Several Vulnerabilities in ClipBucket 
Software :  ClipBucket 2.6 and possibly below and above. 
Vendor Homepage :  http://clip-bucket.com 
Severity :  Critical 
Researcher :  khalil shreateh
Reported Date : 
2014-09-15 05:34:58

CNN Cross Site Scripting / Open Redirect

*CNN Travel.cnn.com <http://Travel.cnn.com> XSS and Ads.cnn.com
<http://Ads.cnn.com> Open Redirect Security Vulnerability*

Contact Form DB 2.8.19 Reflected XSS

Previously found XSS (CVE-2014-7139) was not patched correctly.

Counter-Strike 1.6 GameInfo Query Reflection Denial Of Service

Counter-Strike version 1.6 GameInfo query reflection denial of service proof of concept exploit.

Cross Site Scripting on Joomla "com_smf"

Project: www.joomla.org


Digi Online Examination System 2.0 Shell Upload

Digi Online Examination System Unrestricted File Upload Vulnerability



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