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Targeting Facebook Groups Members For E-Commerce

Making free ads is the first thing that every individual/company looking for . 

Everyone looking for a good views and clicks for his ads , paying for an ad is not always good as the results always different .

for those who know about ads and how to target people , for sure they understand what is social media can offer , specialy "facebook" .

"Find Your Customers Befor They Search "  

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Mostly , Advertisers hesitate paying for an ad , because they cant know the results or because they are not sure of targeting the correct people . 

Q: why i pay for an ad ?
A: Because i want my business to spread for users , and so users will be my customers. 

Great answer !  this mean you only care to have more customers .... 


Why i should make an ad on facebook ?

·       It is Easy to Share Basic Information about Your Business Organization

·       Sharing Pictures and Videos from the Business Organization

·       Talk to Existing Prospective Customers

·       Give Customer Support

·       Promote Brand Name through Positive Messages and Posts

·       Increase the Traffic for Your Business Website through Facebook

·       Facebook can steer traffic to your website

·       Targeted advertising



Target group members to post your ads , groups can be in your local country , it might be a group for a college . 

Depend on your post

- increase your youtube video views .

increase your website traffic.

increase your FB page likes .

increase your account followers.

make more money by your ads.

Those videos shows how to target a specified memebers in facebook groups

Beta Version will have no videos tutorial . 


Unlimited -> 200$ have no invite rules .

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