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What are the different Page roles and what can they do?

There are 5 different types of roles for people who manage Pages. Only an admin can change someone's role. The table below outlines the 5 Page roles (across) and what they're able to do (down):

Latest weeks, an social engineering trick released, a trick that can take controll over facebook pages

The trick was by creating account at Facebook For Business ( Business Manager is a tool to help large businesses and agencies manage their Facebook Pages, apps, ad accounts and the people who work on them. ) .

After creating an account, the attacker was sending a request to any facebook pages, asking them to take control over the page and add his account as an admin :

Using social engineering such as naming the attacker account to "Page Verify" , and choosing the facebook verify badge as their account profile picture :

Victims think facebook is verifying thier pages . so they fail in and they click "Approve"  . This picture shows the final trick , clicking accept will add the attacker account as an admin . 

Original Post :

The trick was closed days ago, incase if you faced something like that you should click : decline and save . 

My Page Was Stolen, How i Can Get it Back : 

Facebok have no support email or phone number for pages or accounts, their only support goes in .

To retrieve controle over your page, the only way is to submit a form and wait for their response .

Click Here To Open And Submit A Form About Your Stolen Page .

If The Above Link Did Not Work, Try :

Change Facebook To English (US) Language .

Use USA Proxy . 

If your hacked page was not listed in the above form

Open this link :

Copy the code and paste it in your browser console of the above form page report, paste your hacked page you want to submit in your report , this video will show you how to run this step 

Any Question Please Leave IT In Comment Down . 


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