Facebook Mini Tagger - Premium License


This paid Facebook extension allows you to tag your Facebook friends on any link. 




- Tag your friends on any link

- custom tag link review title and description

- Divid tagging your friends per minutes manually .

- Divid tagging your facebook friends per minutes automatically using Trigger method. 




Example: You can choose "Start Tag From"  = 1, and "Total Posts" = 1, the extension will tag 50 of your friends starting from friend number 1 to friend number 50 on 1 facebook post. 


Also you can trigger the tag automatically,  by chosen "Trigger each minute" , if the value was 10, the extension will tag 50 new friends each 10 minutes, cause you already picked to tag 1 post only. 


You can test this extension by downloading Facebook Mini Tagger - Free Version" which is less functionality than this version under terms of use. 


You can try the FREE version of this script from here :  


Any question leave it in comments down or contact me. 

To order contact me at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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