Here's 8 things Bard can do that ChatGPT can't:
Google's free competitor Bard just got a MASSIVE new update.
Bard is Google's ChatGPT killer.
And it just got an update that’s changing everything.
Here's what you need to know:
• FREE to use
• Released in 180 countries
• Real-time internet access (unlike ChatGPT)

Internet search

Bard has real-time internet access.

ChatGPT hasn't released this feature to the public yet.

Get quick and precise answers based on real-time information.

Prompt example:

"Tell me the 5 best-performing pop songs of May 2023."


Voice prompting

Say goodbye to typing.

Just use your voice with Bard instead.

Minimize time and effort to get your ideas out.


Website summarization

You can ask Bard any questions about a specific website.

This feature is amazing to help you:

• Learn faster
• Simplify complex topics
• Save tons of reading time

Prompt example:

"Could you write a summary of this article [insert URL]?"


Plugin access

Bard is connected to countless helpful plugins.

Get instant access to these apps (amongst MANY others):

・Spotify (Music)
・Indeed (job hunting)
・Adobe Firefly (image creation)

Welcome to the new ecosystem of unlimited productivity.

Export outputs

ChatGPT makes it hard to export your results.

Luckily, Bard is the polar opposite:

・Export your responses with 2 clicks
・Instantly send them to Gmail or Google Docs

Integrating prompts into your workflow has never been easier.


Explain code

This is another magic feature.

Just post a link in the chat and Bard will:

・Explain the code in simple terms
・Help you figure out coding questions

Example prompt:

"Can you explain the AutoGPT code to me [insert link]"


"Google it"

ChatGPT often cites sources that are incorrect or non-existent.

But you can easily fact-check with Bard by Google searching it in-app.

It's a seamless integration that saves time.



Get multiple drafts

Unlike ChatGPT, Bard gives you the option to select multiple drafts of its outputs.

These drafts are distinct from each other.

This allows you to choose outputs more aligned with your preferences.




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