Using live video feature in your Facebook page to increase your page likes and post reach

In this article you will learn :

- How to create a fake live voting template

- How to start live video your PC to your Facebook page



Many of you guys are looking for a way to increase his page post reach and to get more fans to like his page.

one of many things to do that is Facebook live video feature, when you start a live video on your page or profile, Facebook will start buidling audience for your live video by sending notifications to your fans or friends. And also if a non-fan user have in his friend lists two friends who liked your page, and those two friends reacted to your live video, Facebook will send a notification to the non-fan user telling him that one or more of your friends is reacting about a live video. 


as though the live video is a good method to increase your page post reach and likes. so what should you stream live to your page in order to get many reactions? 

The best live video in this case you can create is a voting live video, your fans will vote by react to the live video post (like, hear, angry ....) 


Create Fake Voting Template


You dont need to know anything about coding, cause i developed an application that you can use to generate your voting template. 

Click here to open "Fake Vote Generator"

Watch youtube videos on how to generate fake vote template and how to start streaming it live on Facebook 

English Tutorial :

شرح بالعربية :