Many Facebook accounts where disabled since Jan-2016, Facebook says account has been disabled because of violated Facebook's Terms.

"Your account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page Body of an error/warning message. Title is: Account Disabled." 

That error message pops up after when you log-in to your account, Facebook might be right that you violated the terms, and the might be wrong!, Why? we will see later in this article . 

Facebook says if any user violated one of those terms, his account will be disable and will not be reactivated for any reason : 

  1. Encouraging shares, likes or clicks under false pretenses
  2. Failing to enable promised functionality
  3. Failing to deliver promised reward
  4. Failing to direct to promised content
  5. Encouraging shares, likes or clicks that result in the compromise of a user's security
  6. Requiring or requesting the copying and pasting of JavaScript code
  7. Maintaining pages dedicated solely to the promotion of online giveaways"


Last month I noticed that Facebook disabled my account (, i wondered how the new 2016 system created to collect data about users who violated terms, for users who work as a security researchers, they know that they need to test the bugs they find live on real platform, but for Facebook there is a test accounts that Facebook always asks to create termporary test accounts and use them for pentration tests  ( ).


Anyway and in the other hand there is some pentration tests that testers cant use temporary accounts, because and for example the test account should have data, such as joining 100+ group, over 1K friend list ... etc 


Some of my exploits in 2014 and 2015 ( ) was a bypass methods against Facebook protection system, though there is no chanse to test such exploits by using test accounts . 


By using my real account i might break one or more mentioned reasons above, That so i emailed Facebook community team asking to reactivate my account, but till now they have been rejected my emails over 10 times. so i planed to take this situation to a next LEVEL ! . 


Before i start talking about the next level, i wanna say that some of my friends accounts were disabled, while they know nothing about JavaScripting or even they dont have online works. My friend "Maher" 's account was disabled, I know and he knows that its an incorrect action to disable his account, Actually he works in Labor Office and uses Facebook to post some info about new jobs offers . 


Ok! so lets go to the fun point in this article, as many know that i have over 10 exploits in Facebook since the end of 2013 after i hacked Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook account (Read:


One of my bug bounties payment contains an error (For my advantage), and cause my account is disabled now i cant contact security team in the same form, either i dont want to contact them from a new account, that so i typed to Facebook : 


Article Updates

OK! since Jan/2016 i sent over 20 different emails via Facebook support form (Community, Marketing, Security..) : 


Email contains : 


Each time they were send a same answer, for sure there is a ready form to reply back to users emails : 



As a result of Facebook previous actions, i went a head and claimed 5500$ via Paypal :



So this error policy and 'bad' users support costs Facebook total of : 3960$. 

The difference between 5500$ and 3960$ = 1540$ fees for and Parago

The money yet in my Paypal account and Facebook can claim the money back.


Anyway i would like to hear your opinion down in comments. 


If you have a problem with your account ( disabled account or verifying ID .. etc) read this article :



Any question you can leave it in comment .