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How do I report inappropriate or abusive things on Facebook (ex: nudity, hate speech, threats)?

Facebook remove things that don't follow the Facebook Terms (ex: nudity, bullying, graphic violence, spam). If you come across something on Facebook that doesn't follow the Facebook Terms, use the report link near the post or photo to submit a report.

Other tools for addressing abuse

It's possible that you might see something you don't like on Facebook that doesn't actually violate the Facebook Terms. If you come across something you'd rather not see, you can:

For information about what is and is not allowed on Facebook, please read the Facebook Community Standards.

Someone is posting unauthorized images of my child who is a minor.

Visit the Image Privacy Rights section of the Help Center to learn more about unauthorized photos and videos and how to report them.

Reporting Photos & Videos That Violate Your Privacy Rights

Facebook provides people with ways to report photos and videos that they believe to be in violation of their privacy rights. Facebook will remove photos and videos that you report as unauthorized if this is required by relevant privacy laws in your country, as long as the reported content involves you, your child (under 13) or another person for whom you are the legal representative or guardian. Photos or videos involving anyone else will need to be reported by the individual themselves.

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Fill This Form To Report a Privacy Rights Violation