This iOS shortcut allows you to download:
Facebook videos
Youtube videos
Instagram videos and images
Twitter videos
TikTok videos without water mark
if you don't have iOS device then you can use the online download application which works on both Android and PC . 

This shortcut has been depricated, it is now a Telegram app
تم الغاء هذا الاختصار و استبداله ببوت تيليجرام , انقر هنا :

How to install on your iOS device : 
1- open iOS settings app, then chose Shortcuts 
2- active the 'Allow Untrusted Shortcuts' , your device will ask you to create and run a shortcut before activating this feature. to do this open your shortcut app then create any shortcut , run it and go back to shortcut settings to active 'allow untrusted shortcuts' . 
Before you download you agree to : 
1- I don't allow any modifications on this shortcut. 
2- I don't allow to post this tutorial anywhere without referring to this article. 


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