Instagram Followers ++
Instagram Followers ++

Increase Your Instagram Followers



Instagram Followers ++ 

- Unlimited hashtags
- Unlimited comments 
- choose between actions (comment, like, comment & like)
- Posts Interval (Free version limited to 15 minutes ) Contact me for premium version

How to use :

- Download the "Instagram Followers ++".  (Scroll down for the download link)
- Install the downloaded file to your Opera browser [Chrome is no longer supported]. (Scroll down for the youtube installation tutorial) 
- Insert Hashtags without #, separate each hashtag with comma
- Insert Comments, separate each comment with comma
- Insert time interval in minutes. Free version limited to 10 minutes, Contact me for premium version
- Choose between Comments, Like, or comments and like together 

If you got banned, wait few minutes, increase time interval minutes and try again. 

How it works :

- Extension will check when your time interval in minutes end, if you chose 10 minutes, then the extension will start working each 10 minutes from your first settings save! 
- The extension will pick up random hashtag from all inserted hashtags, then it will look for the latest post on this hashtag. Then it will select a random second hashtag and look for the latest post on this hashtag. 
- The extension will like or comment or comment & like these 2 posts, depends your saved settings. 
- Once you clicked "Stop" button the extension will stop working!. 
- Click "View activity" button to view the latest posts that the extension liked or left comment of them. Newest post will be on the top. Hover your mouse on these posts then use your mouse wheel to scroll down!. 

Contact me for the premium version which works offline :) . 


This extension has been replaced with a bot , read :