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View users that your friends added lately 


When your friends added new users as friends , they add them in their friends list . 
By this method you can view the users that your friends added lately . 


<div class="ego_action">
<a class="uiIconText" href="#" style="padding-left: 18px;" ajaxify="/ajax/browser/dialog/nonfriends_of_friend/?targetid=778218884&unittype=recent&showmutualfriends=0&sorttype=0&recentthresholddays=90&targetid=778218884&unittype=recent&showmutualfriends=0&sorttype=0&recentthresholddays=90&amp;xids=" rel="async-post" role="button">
<i class="img sp_9AAyCQ8Lq5n sx_654283" style="top: 2px;"></i>khalil-shreateh</a></div>
Change targetid value in the above code to your friend's ID . 
To Know your friends ID , replace WWW with Graph . Example : Graph.facebook.com/khalil.shr

Video Shows The Above Steps 


To Avoid This Trick In Your Account, Simply Change Who Can See Your Friends List Privacy

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