Groups Members Tagger [Demo]

A tutorial article about how to use groups members tagger paid extension


1- Target ID 

your tagging destination ID, to get page/account ID simply replace www with graph in facebook URL . 
Beside Target ID you need to specify what is your ID for , there is 3 different choices 
Timeline [choose it if your target ID is for a facebook account]
Page [choose it if your target ID is for a page]
Group [choose it if your target ID is for a group]
Those 3 methods i developed in order to bypass facebook block system . 

1- Group ID and #Tags

Group ID is the group ID that you want to tag it's members .
#Tags is the number of tagged members, leave it blank to tag members to the maximum number (approximately 8k) 

1- Custom Emoji

Choose your custom emoji . 
What type of posts does this extension work on !?
It works with pictures posts, also works with raw/simple posts . 
The extension will not work on posts the contains shared links

Script will be provided by a personal control panel for changing your lincense ID . 

Real ID: Your license ID .
Old ID : Your Current worked License ID .
New ID: Your new ID that you want your license to work on . 

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