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This extension helps you adding all your Facebook fan page shop products to videos all at once



What is Facebook Shop Seciton?!

The shop section is a tab you can add to your Page that lets you display and sell your products right on your Page. It's ideal for merchants, retail and eCommerce advertisers who want to reach customers on Facebook. The shop section is free to use, and Facebook deosn't take any percentage of what you earn.


Video Explains How to Turn your Facebook Page into an Online Shop WebinarHow to Turn your Facebook Page into an Online Shop Webinar


Why this extension is iportant !?

  1. Video post is the highest post reach for your page, So tagging products on videos will increase the traffic to your website
  2. This extenion is faster and easy than manual adding products to videos
  3. It is more easy to tag newly created products on all previous videos, instead of going back for each video and add the product you created for each video.
  4. Page videos might be hundreds, Tagging your products to them one by one will take hours and maybe days. 

Full Tutorial

English Tutorial : https://youtu.be/iYJzGLaVkt4


فيديو عربي يشرح تحميل الاضافة واستخدامها :


Installation: طريقة التحميل

First - أولا

Contact me if you want a private copy free of terms of use


لدعم الملحق انقر هنا وشارك الفيديو مع اصدقائك 


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