Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge - Download Free + Game Play

  1. Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge is an expansion pack to Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 developed by Westwood Studios. The game was released in North America on October 10, 2001 by EA Games. Wikipedia

  2. Initial release dateOctober 10, 2001
  3. PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, PlayStation 2
    I found this old game while looking back in my backups, i remember years ago i created a custom edition of it, so this is a unique version.
    also i recorded this game play, enjoy watching 
    - Run RegSetup.exe as an administrator . 
    - Run ra2.exe to play red alert 2, YURI.exe to play YURI's Revenge . 
    Note: Change ra2.exe and YURI.exe compatibility to windows XP service pack 3 . 
    countdown 90 seconds

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