Problem posting a screen recording to Facebook?!

No sound when uploading screen recording video to facebook, youtube or other social media platform? or even when moving it to your PC or Mac?

Here is few steps to solve the problem : 

A. Make sure to active microphone audio, Long press on the screen recording button and then make sure that microphone recording is on 


B. If you arleady activated microphone recording and yet there is no sound, that is because when recording a video it creates two sound track for your video, the first sound track is silent and the scond sound track contains your recorded sound. 

So to solve this problem you need to edit the recorded video and select the active sound track. 

How to select the active sound track?!

Here is two two solution, first i will show you how to solve it by using your Iphone, and second how to solve it by using your PC.

1. Mobile Edit

- The most easy step is to use "VIDEO - SPLITTER by FAWAZ ALOTAIBI" Download :

This free application developed to split any video to pieces, but you can use it to convert the screen recorded video and it will automatically select the right sound track!. 

The trick: to use it, lets say that the screen recorded video is 3 minutes long, so when using VIDEO SPLITTER you choose to split after 4 minutes ;)

- You also can use "iConv: Video & Audio Converter" Download:

This application is not totally free, it allows you to convert one video each hour. anyway here is the full youtube tutorial on how to use it. this tutorial shows first the video before converted where you can select the right sound track using VLC player.


2. PC or MAC Edit: 

- You can use "HandBrake" Download :

Full youtube tutorial by : Nico El Chicano


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