Facebook Contest - Draw random Facebook - Giveaway via Comments

English Tutorial  https://youtu.be/RgR0SLhMjME

يوتيوب بالعربية :https://youtu.be/ZNblTEGdrd0

New Tutorials: 
English tutorial:https://youtu.be/fIyD_UDSht0

فيديو تعليمي بالعربية : https://youtu.be/i2ptUzCRXyE

This app helps you to increase your facebook followers, youtube views and more [think smart how to get benefit from it]

Use this app to pickup a winner from any public post comments


This APP is Totally Free and before using please read carefully: 
1- App will select random winner
2- The winner will be selected from total of 100 facebook comments only [Contact me for premium version]. 
3- You can order premium version or any custom social media tool via contacting me  
4- App is secure and you dont need to login or share your private info to use it, your privacy is safe ;) .





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