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Fake Notification Exploit

What is Facebook Fake Notifiation? 

Facebook Fake notificaiton is the name i gave to the zero day exploit in Facebook. This exploit allows you to send fake notification to any Facebook user. 

This bug was reported by me early this year, however Facebook security team rejected it saying it "doesn't pose any significant security or privacy risk". 

So guys iam releasing this exploit in two variants. The first one is FREE and works only between friends. The second variant works for any Facebook user and its not FREE. contact me if you want to order it. 

How it works 

First use this exploit on your own RISK!! i recommended using it via fake accounts. 

- Click the down button (Use The App) to open the app. 

- Fill "Any Message" what any text message you want 

- Fill "Post owner ID" is the Facebook user ID who created the post. if you want to use your post then the post owner ID is your Facebook account ID. use this free app to get any Facebook user ID : Facebook ID Viewer For Pages & Profiles

- Fill "Post ID" with the post ID, To get post ID you need to open the post direct URL, to do that simply click on the post created time. if the post is an image then posst ID will be the numbers between (fbid=) and (&). if the post is text then the post ID will be the last numbers in the URL. 

- Fill "Victim ID" with your Facebook friends account ID, use : Facebook ID Viewer For Pages & Profiles

- Chose "Share type" Mostly choice A works fine. 


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