Upload video to multiple Facebook pages all at once

Are you bored by uploading same video on multiple Facebook pages you own! do you feel wasting time by uploading same video to multiple Facebook pages you own!? if so then this application is your solution. 

This Application is not "Crosspost Video", All uploaded videos will have their own likes, comments and shares


How this application works: 

1- Simply sign in to my website using Login With Facebook To khalil-shreateh.com , Refresh the application page to active the sign in process.

Or you can Paste your Facebook account access token and hit "login button

2- Get video to upload : 

- This application supports direct video file example: https://khalil-shreateh.com/khalil.shtml/images/FunnyVolleyball.mp4 

- This application allows you to upload videow from Facebook posts by only copping the post direct link, example: https://www.facebook.com/Shreateh.Ethical/videos/1145672098901533/

- This application supports tiktok video file example: http://vm.tiktok.com/cEh2g/

3- Chose video name 

4- Chose pages you want to upload the video to 

5- Hit "Post Video" and wait till it completely finished




English tutorial:https://youtu.be/fIyD_UDSht0

فيديو تعليمي بالعربية : https://youtu.be/i2ptUzCRXyE