Five Advanced ChatGPT prompt techniques that will put you ahead of the world 

5 Advanced ChatGPT prompt techniques that will put you ahead of the world:


1. Change the temperature: Temperature controls the randomness or diversity of the generated outputs.

-A high temperature of 1.0 or above will make ChatGPT more creative.

-A low temperature of 0.1 or lower will make ChatGPT more conservative.

2. Train ChatGPT to write its own prompts for you:

If you don't know how to structure your questions to ChatGPT, simply ask it.

Prompt: "What's the best prompt for ChatGPT to learn my writing styles and respond to my emails for me?"

3. Simulate an expert:

You can get ChatGPT to become an expert in a given subject.

Then, you can engage in conversation or request it to produce content from the perspective of that specific character.

Turn ChatGPT into a Harvard Marketing graduate:

Prompt: "As a Harvard Marketing graduate and skilled content creator, guide me in crafting social media content that resonates with AI enthusiasts. Emphasize uncommon and expert questions to ask"


4. Generate responses table format:

Super easy to do- yet I still get a ton of questions on how to do it.

Prompt: “Create a table for top AI tools. Include the following columns: Name, Category, and Oneliner. Here are the Tools that I want to summarize: [tools]”


5. Use ChatGPT to write in different formats:

Prompt: "Take this paragraph and put it into 3 different formats. 1. Bullet points 2. 280-character paragraph 3. table view. [paragraph]"


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