If you want to start making profits through YouTube, you need a YouTube channel, one of the conditions of YouTube to start making profits is to get 1,000 subscribers and achieve 4,000 watching hours.

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In addition, the channel content (videos) must be unique and not previously used, meaning that the videos belong to you.

But there is a problem when starting as a YouTuber, which is how to achieve 4,000 watch hours in the shortest possible time. If you are one of the creative content creators and you have a personality and conviction that your content is excellent, then there is no doubt that you will gain thousands of followers and views. But most users do not have this character.

Also, if you want to make profits through Google Adsense, then you undoubtedly want to open a free blog, or to build your own website where you publish your own content to start making profits.

In this article, I explain to you in precise detail the ways to achieve the highest YouTube views to exceed 4,000 watch hours in the shortest possible time. And also how to activate Adsense for your blog or site.

In AdSense, after submitting the application, there will be a message showing you that your application is under review, a message stating to the reader that Adsense is reviewing the site for approval or rejection, but actually (according to a personal examination i did), AdSense requires that your site or blog have high visits or A certain limit of visits (more like achieving 4,000 watching hours on YouTube). So this article and the explanation here is what you need to learn.

Watch the following YouTube explanation, and I advise you to bring a paper and a pen and write down every important point so that you can come back to it and review it later. After watching the video well, there are programming codes that you can find at the bottom of this article, and they are the codes that I explain in the video.



 This code is for viewing random youtube video or random website article, copy all the code, paste it in a file, save the file as index.html. same steps that i showed you in the above youtube tutorial:


 Copy this code and paste it in your wbesite header, before the closing tag </head>, make sure to change sp-menu-item to your website menu class.:

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