Linkedin Contacts Adder

Linkedin Contacts Adder

This extension will helps you increasing your Linkedin connections.


Use this extension with English interface


Features & Benifits 

- Increase your likedin connections 

- With many contacts you can: 

   - Increase your job opportunity

   - Increase your post views

   - Increase Profile Views

   - Increase your profile rank among your connection

   - by increasing your post views, you can increase your website traffic, youtube view .. etc 


- Delete all pending sent requests to keep your account clean. 

- It will send 150 request per use, to avoid block use it daily to send 150 requet . 


This extension is totally free . 


Manual Installation:

2- How To Install :   Watch YouTube Installation Tutorial شاهد شرح التحميل و التثبيت

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