My Facebook Bounties For 2015

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Year 2015 ended with a lot of facebook vulnerabilities . 



Year 2015 ended with four Facebook bounties Listed in : 


A. Pages Admin Disclosure

A vulnerability that disclose any page admin .

Bounty : 500$
Article  :


B. Unremovable Tag For Friends and Friends of Friends

A vulnerability that disallow friends from untagging themselves from posts . 

Bounty : 1500$
Article  : 


A vulnerability that bypass the CAPTCHA .. etc

Bounty : 500$
Article  :

D.  Remote Code Crush [RCC:]

A vulnerability that destroy parts of Facebook features.

Bounty : 500$
Article  :

E.  Bypass Facebook Protection/Block System

A vulnerability that Bypass Facebook security system.

Bounty : 500$
Article  :


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