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Facebook Exploit May/2015 [Remote Code Crush (RCC)]

The vulnerability is something new in hacking techniques, i called it Remote Code Crush (RCC) . 

Vulnerability Name: Facebook Remote Code Crush

Coded By : Khalil Shreateh


What is RCC Vulnerability ?

This type of vulnerabilities are different that Remote Code Execution (RCE) [The ability an attacker has to access someone else's computing device and make changes, no matter where the device is geographically located]. While RCC can change part of web application codes. 


First i created a new post, then i tagged users on that post, after that i send a custom Payload to crush the tagged post . the tagged users (victims) will have no control on that post, they can not untag themselves, report it or even stop its notifications, because i crushed the post menu. 

Remote Code Crush Facebook

RCC Screenshot: Menu crushed, replaced with "There was an error processing your request."


This video recorded in both English and Arabic language, enjoy watching 





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