Year 2014 ended with a lot of facebook vulnerabilities counted over 223 exploit . 


Year 2014 ended with four Facebook bounties Listed in : 

A. Pages Admins Disclosure

A vulnerability that allows me to know any Facebook page admin account . 

Bounty : 2000$
Article :

B. Bypass Admin Roles

A vulnerability that allows me to edit any Facebook page, such as Facebook security page, celebrities pages, politics pages .. etc

Bounty : 2500$
Article :

C. Bypass Blocking System

A vulnerability that allows me to bypass Facebook prevention/blocking system, exploit coded into chrome extension to send mass notifications for friends and friends of friends, used in increasing page likes  and post reaches . 

Bounty : 2500$
Article :

The Funny Part For You : 

Total Bounties equal to 5500$, however Facebook paid me 6000$, with extra 500$ . 

I emailed them about their transaction mistake, and if i should send them the extra money back, their reply was " its our mistake and the 500$ is yours " . 

Another Facebook vulnerability was at december/2014, but i will write about it in 2016 as Facebook paid me in 2015 . 


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