Netgear Bypass Improper Session Management


Can you assign CVE id to this flaw?


#Product Vendor: Netgear
#Ne Hi,

Can you assign CVE id to this flaw?


#Product Vendor: Netgear
#Netgear GPL:
#Bug Name: Broken Authentication & Improper Session Management in Netgear
Router JNR1010 Version
#Software: Netgear Router JNR1010 Firmware
#Last Updated: 10-06-2015
#Severity High
#Status: Fixed

#CVE : not assigned
#POC Video URL:

Attacker uses leaks or flaws in the authentication or session management
functions (e.g., exposed accounts, passwords, session IDs) to impersonate
users. Developers frequently build custom authentication and session
management schemes, but building these correctly is hard. As a result,
these custom schemes frequently have flaws in areas such as logout,
password management, timeouts, remember me, secret question, account
update, etc.

Technical Details
*Authentication Bypass:*

Try Accessing the URL which the normal user have no longer access without
credentials with auth token value as* “ok” *and HTTP Basic Authentication
header with password value

*Improper Session Management:*

Create a fake Session ID and submit the request to the server with the
credentials. Whereas, you can see that the session id has no change even
after getting logged in and during logout process.

For more, also refer -

Regenerate the session-id of the end user during login and logout process.
Invalidate all the initialized session variables during logout process.
Check for unauthenticated access to all the pages inside login.
Remove Basic HTTP Authentication and Implement any other authentication

Advisory Timeline

28/10/2015 - Discovered in Netgear Router JNR1010 Firmware Version
28/10//2015 - Reported to vendor through support option but, no response
30/10//2015 - Reported to vendor through another support option available
here <>. But, again no
03/11/2015 - Finally, Technical Team started addressing about the issue
after so many follow ups through phone/mail.
13/12/2015 - Vulnerability got fixed & case was closed.
30/12/2015 - Netgear Released updated version

Credits & Authors
Sathish Kumar <> from cybersecurityworks Pvt
Ltd <>

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Cybersecurity Works is basically an auditing company passionate working on
findings & reporting security flaws & vulnerabilities on web application
and network. As professionals, we handle each client differently based on
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