Netgear Cross Site Request Forgery


#Product Vendor: Netgear
#Netgear GPL: Details

#Product Vendor: Netgear
#Netgear GPL:
#Bug Name: Cross Site Request Forgery in Netgear Router JNR1010 Version
#Software: Netgear Router JNR1010 Firmware
#Last Updated: 10-06-2015
#Severity High
#Status: Fixed

#CVE : not assigned
#POC Video URL:

Using this flaw, an attacker can cause victims to change any data the
victim is allowed to change or perform any function the victim is
authorized to use.

Technical Details
Created a forged request changing the value of any variable, here it is
*:InternetGatewayDevice.X_TWSZ-COM_URL_Filter.BlackList.1.URL *variable in
the URL http://router-ip/cgi-bin/webproc and sent it to victim forcing
him/her to click on the malicious link generated by an attacker with
different session allows an attacker to change the settings of the victim’s

For more, also refer -

*Note:* Similarly, we can manipulate any request and can force victim to
access the link generated by the attacker to make changes to the router
settings without victim’s knowledge.

Advisory Timeline

28/10/2015 - Discovered in Netgear Router JNR1010 Firmware Version
28/10//2015 - Reported to vendor through support option but, no response
30/10//2015 - Reported to vendor through another support option available
here <>. But, again no
03/11/2015 - Finally, Technical Team started addressing about the issue
after so many follow ups through phone/mail.
13/12/2015 - Vulnerability got fixed & case was closed.
30/12/2015 - Netgear Released updated version


Credits & Authors
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Ltd <>

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