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Wordpress bib2html Cross site scripting Vulnerability

Exploit Title: Wordpress bib2html Cross site scripting Vulnerability
Google Dork : inurl:wp-content/plugins/bib2html
Software Link :http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/bib2html.0.9.3.zip
Vendor Homepage : http://www.Wordpress.org
Discovered By : ACC3SS
Tested on: Windows 7 , Mozilla FireFox

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Facebook Security Team Failed once Again

Last month i reported a facebook exploit , which taking advantage of self-xss into hacking users access token . 

facebook response was negative , saying that its a " social engineering " and not an exploit . 

A major fact , what i reported was a loophole in one of main facebook APPs , trying to confince facebook security team " Arya " that its a bug , and iam not reporting a social engineering things here . 

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