Unfriend users who do not liked or commented or shared your posts



Despite Facebook Disabled Accounts Removal - Chrome Extension which removes all disabled accounts from your friendlist, and  Facebook Inactive Friends Removal - Chrome Extension which removes all inactive friends from your friendlist. 
Here is the latest Facebook extension that complete the two above extensions to maximize your Facebook account post reaches and to filter your friendlist to the maximum active 5k friends.

Facebook Lowest Active Users Removal will rank your Facebook friends via their actions towards your posts (like, share or comment). Simpy you chose the lowest amount of those users to unfriend them.  


How to use

- Download and install ( Use Opera Browser) 

- Refresh your Facebook.com main page

- Chose how many friends you want

- Get token https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=277&list=PL4UyCxi9Jr9O5tQ3tBRLcQB5EF7BjPZVn&v=J8YyY0ZNT80&feature=youtu.be

- Hit 'START' button and wait till it finish. 

Check the box beside each friend you want to delete 

- Finaly hit the 'Unfriend Checked' button to delete them


Installation: طريقة التحميل
First - أولا

Second - ثانيا

English Tutorial:

فيديو عربي يشرح تحميل الاضافة واستخدامها :
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Facebook users may want to remove or unfriend their lowest active friends for several reasons:

  1. Quality of Interactions: Users may prioritize meaningful and engaging interactions on Facebook. If certain friends consistently show low activity, such as rarely posting, liking, or commenting on content, removing them from the friend list can help maintain a more vibrant and interactive network.

  2. Streamlining Content: With a large number of friends, a user's Facebook News Feed can become crowded with posts from various connections. By unfriending low-activity friends, users can streamline their News Feed to prioritize updates from friends who are more actively engaged and whose content is of greater interest.

  3. Network Maintenance: As social circles change and evolve, maintaining an updated friend list is important to some users. Removing low-activity friends allows users to reflect their current social network and focus on connections that are more relevant and actively involved in their lives.

  4. Privacy and Security: Users may have concerns about the privacy and security of their Facebook account. By unfriending low-activity friends, they can limit access to their personal information and reduce the potential risk associated with maintaining connections with less engaged individuals.

  5. Personal Preferences: Ultimately, the decision to remove or unfriend low-activity friends is based on personal preference. Some users may prefer to have a smaller, more engaged friend list, while others may be more inclined to maintain a broader network, regardless of activity levels.

It's important to note that social dynamics and individual preferences vary among Facebook users. The decision to remove or unfriend low-activity friends is subjective and depends on each user's desired level of interaction, content streamlining, and network maintenance.